Everything to know about Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS

Everything to know about Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS

Teams to compete for $3 million prize pool from May 2 across all FNCS regions

Chapter 3 Season 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series will begin on May 2 with players competing for a $3 million prize pool. Just like previous FNCS, there will be no zero build games here. Moreover, the tournament will run for two weeks with an additional qualifier included. As usual, each region will host the Champion Series and crown its FNCS champions.

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Format for Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS

Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS will kick off with three qualifiers. The first qualifier takes place from May 2-6 while the second will run from May 7-8. The qualifying phase ends with the last qualifier,  which will run from May 13-15.

Furthermore, five teams from each qualifier will advance directly to the FNCS finals. Every qualifier will occur across four rounds, with the fourth round having one set lobby competing to qualify.

The series will continue with the semi-finals on May 20. Here, victory royales and consistent performances will determine which teams qualify for the FNCS Finals.

The semifinals will feature three sessions in total. Each region’s first session will include the top 50 teams from the series point leaderboard. Here, only 11 teams will advance to the Finals after five matches.

The remaining two sessions will consist of six matches with spots filled by the next best teams on the series point leaderboard. In this session, 12 teams made up of six victory royale winners and the top six consistent performers will advance to the finals.

FNCS Semifinals Sessions| Image provided by Epic Games

How FNCS champions will be crowned

Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS will end with the finals from May 28-29. There are two ways to win the FNCS finals. The first is to win by reaching match point, which is 475 points and three victory royales. This method is quite difficult, as duos must consistently earn a high amount of kills and victory royales to achieve this.

The second way is to earn the most points after all 12 matches are finished. If no team achieves match point before the 12th game, the team with the most points win the FNCS finals. This rule applies to all regions throughout the Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS.

Prize pool for all regions

Europe $1,362,500
North America-East $637,500
Brazil $418,000
North America-West $239,500
Asia $145,000
Middle East $114,000
Oceania $92,000

Additionally, duos in every region can compete in the Chapter 3 season FNCS community cup on May 25 and win the new C3:S2 FNCS Outfit and Back Bling. Starting May 2, fans can tune into the official FNCS live stream or  Twitch and YouTube.


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