Everything new coming to Splitgate Season 2
Splitgate Season 2
Provided by 1047 Games

Everything new coming to Splitgate Season 2

Beta Season 2 releases on Thursday with a new battle pass, new games modes and more

Splitgate Season 2 will open on Thursday and bring with it a large number of changes and plenty of content. These include but are not limited to new game modes, a new battle pass and backend changes to matchmaking.

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Season 2 will be the third for Splitgate, which began with an inaugural Season 0 in August 2021. Here is everything new coming with the release of the season.

Battle pass

Splitgate Season 2
New cosmetics in Splitgate Season 2. | Provided by 1047 Games.

As is expected, a new season means a new battle pass. Players can unlock 100 levels that include two new legendary characters (Guardian and Operator), six Legendary weapons, 10 drops and 1200 Splitcoin. The premium battle pass costs 900 Splitcoin, meaning the pass more than pays for itself if players can complete it.

Matchmaking improvements

One of the least sexy but perhaps most impactful changes in Season 2 is an updated backend matchmaking system. 1047 have made improvements that should allow a million concurrent users, preventing the bottleneck issues that occurred during the height of Splitgate’s popularity in 2021. The new system will also improve match finding so that it’s faster, players will see fewer bots and will generally be matched against others of equal skill level more reliably.

Game modes

Another customary component of new seasons is new game modes. Season 2 will ship with three new modes:

  • Juggernaut (Free For All): Every player against one (hard to kill) Juggernaut selected at random. Score points by surviving as the Juggernaut.
  • Hotzone (Team): Capture and control the neutral zone for 30 seconds to score a point. Watch the timer!
  • Lockdown (Team): Score a point by controlling all three hills at the same time. After each point, the hills move.

Abyss remaster

Splitgate Season 2 Abyss
The new Abyss in Splitgate Season 2. | Provided by 1047 Games.

Everyone’s favorite map, Abyss, has received a remaster to improve its visuals. There are also a few minor changes to the map itself, including new walls for portal placement. Overall, the map retains most of its layout and the biggest difference will be the crisp new look.

New progression system

1047 have changed the level progression system. Players level faster until they reach level 100. From there, they progress to the Pro 1 tier, which resets their level back to 1. This process is repeated with better and better rewards all the way to Pro 10. During this process, players also unlock new badges for their player card.

Map creator update

Splitgate’s map creator mode, which shipped with Beta Season 1, is getting some improvements. These include a host of quality of life improvements as well as a new island, Wet Ocean, to build on. Players can now also save their created maps to the cloud and easily share them.

Frontend visuals

Finally, Season 2 adds some visual changes as 1047 works on overhauling the frontend. These include a refresh to the lobby, main menu, store and locker screens to improve the look and feel.

Splitgate is the first-person shooter that saw a massive wave of popularity in the middle of 2021. Since then, the game has maintained a more modest player base while the team at 1047 continues to develop their game. Stylistically, Splitgate blends elements of Portal with FPS games like Halo to create a fast-paced arena shooter. The game remains in an indefinite beta that allows the developers to continue iterating on the game ahead of a future release date.

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