Every starting Keepsake and what they do in Elden Ring
Elden Ring starting Keepsakes
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Every starting Keepsake and what they do in Elden Ring

Pick the right starting Keepsake for your character
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Within the first few minutes of playing Elden Ring, you’ll be tasked with picking a starting Keepsake item. This comes right after you build your character and are set to travel to the Lands Between to fulfill your destiny of becoming an Elden Lord. However, there are little explanations associated with the Keepsakes, so players are unsure which is the best to pick for their build.

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In hindsight, this choice doesn’t necessarily matter. The starting Keepsake item can be consumed within a couple of minutes before it’s gone forever. While some can last you the entire game, they can be replaced with better items throughout your time playing Elden Ring. Still, every decision in FromSoftware’s open-world bears weight.

In order to pick the right Keepsake for you, continue reading below to see what each one offers.

All Keepsakes in Elden Ring

In total, there are nine starting Keepsakes available to pick from in Elden Ring. They range from talismans that you can equip on your character to one-time use items that can give you a bit of a head-start in different areas. All of the nine Keepsakes and their explanations are viewable below.

  • Crimson Amber Medallion – Talisman Increases maximum HP
  • Lands Between Rune – Consume to gain additional Runes
  • Golden Seed – Used to add charges to your Sacred Flasks
  • Fanged Imp Ashes – Spirit Ash summons that spawns two fanged imp spirits.
  • Cracked Pot – Used to craft throwing pots
  • Stonesword Key – Opens up one imp statue (one-time use)
  • Bewitching Branch – Uses FP to charm pierced enemies
  • Boiled Prawn – Boosts physical damage negation for a short duration
  • Shabriri’s Woe – Talisman that constantly attracts enemies’ aggression

There are no real wrong choices when it comes to picking a Keepsake. If your character is more of a tank, then going with the Crimson Amber Medallion might be the right choice. However, if you want to start with an added charge to your flasks, pick the Golden Seed. Or, if you just want some Runes to start the game off with, choose the Lands Between Rune.

This is just one of many tough choices in Elden Ring, so don’t spend too long on this first one.

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