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If you’ve been out adventuring in Palworld, you may have come across a Rocky Egg. Here are all the Pals that can hatch from them so you know who you can add to your team.

If you’re out on a quest across the islands, there’s a high probability that you will eventually stumble across an Egg. Inside, there is a little Pal just waiting to join your crew, all you have to do is pick him up and bring him back to your base.

If you’ve come across a Rocky Egg, here is every Pal that can hatch from it.

What type of Pal hatches from Rocky Eggs in Palworld

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Rocky Eggs produce Rock-type Pals.

While some of the Eggs, such as the Damp Egg, make it a little less clear about what’s inside, the developers couldn’t have been more obvious about what’s hiding in this one.

Every Pal that hatches from Rocky Eggs in Palworld

There are three different sizes of Rocky Egg in Palworld, each hatching their own specific Pal:

Normal Size

  • Hangyu
  • Dumud
  • Fuddler

Large Size

  • Surfent Terra
  • Digtoise

Huge Size

  • Warsect
  • Anubis

How to hatch a Rocky Egg in Palworld

Thankfully, hatching a Rocky Egg in Palworld isn’t too difficult either. You do need to make sure you have an Incubator in your base though, so make sure you have leveled up and built one before you think about hatching Pals.

If you have one, simply take your egg to the Incubator, place it in, and the timer will show you how long you have to wait. Once it’s done, your new Pal will be ready to add to your squad.

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