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The Fortnite v12.30 update is now live across all systems in Season 2. Epic Games is seemingly sticking with the weekly updates, which is a great change of pace from last season. Sure, last week’s update didn’t really contain that much aside from a few small tweaks. But that’s not the case with this week, as leakers have posted a ton of new content coming to Fortnite. Some of that content has to do with the future cosmetic items coming to the game. Let’s take a look at these items in their entirety.

Future Fortnite cosmetic items leaked

The leaking of future cosmetics in Fortnite is one of the oldest practices in the data-mining community. Leakers can find the various outfits and other items fairly easy in the files, and Epic Games is never shy about placing the cosmetics there.

As such, almost every update provides a look into the future Item Shops of Fortnite. With v12.30, it’s no different, as dozens of items were leaked – including the Deadpool skin you see at the top of this post. Here is every major cosmetic that leaked after the update, courtesy of leaker @Lucas7yoshi on Twitter.

What immediately catches most people’s eye is the “Deadpool Unmasked” skin in the last tweet. It appears the katana-wielding crusader is finally ready to make his debut in Fortnite after six long weeks of hiding in his secret lair.

Aside from Deadpool, though, there are some interesting new skins as well as new variants of current skins. One of the new outfits, Quackling, was even shown off in the Fortnite skin locker by leaker @HYPEX.

From the looks of it, Epic Games is planning an Easter celebration for later on in the month. If that is the case, then we should see other Easter-themed cosmetics arrive fairly soon.

Those are all of the cosmetics from the v12.30 update! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite coverage.