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The v12.20 update has released in Fortnite Season 2, introducing some much-anticipated content. Features such as Helicopters (named Choppas) and a brand new LTM are now in the game. Though, any longtime fan of Fortnite knows that whenever an update releases, it’s not just the content that gets revealed.

Through data-miners, we’re able to see tons of new cosmetic items that will make their way to future Item Shops. Of course, Epic Games can still change its mind about some of the items, but most of the time these leaks are accurate. So, what are some of the new skins coming to Fortnite?

What cosmetics are in store for Fortnite?

Recently, we’ve seen Epic Games take a more cavalier approach with the Item Shop skins. There haven’t been too many legendary skins released as of late. Instead, more epic and rare skins have appeared, which certainly helps out those who can’t afford many V-Bucks.

With the v12.20 update, it appears that Epic is still taking this same approach. According to the leaks, there isn’t one legendary skin in store for future Item Shops. However, this could also mean that the developers are intentionally hiding the high-profile skins for a fun surprise later.

Either way, below you can see the leaked cosmetics list for the v12.20 update in Fortnite, courtesy of @iFireMonkey and @ShiinaBR.

There are definitely some neat skins, with Master Minotaur and Bonehead catching our eye. The Bull Shield back bling also looks menacing, which is out of the ordinary for back blings. There’s no word on when any of these skins will arrive, but it’s a safe bet we’ll see at least one in tonight’s Fortnite Item Shop.

Which skin from the v12.20 update is your favorite? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all your future Fortnite news!