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Popular esports commentator Jake Lucky joined the Full Squad Gaming team on Wednesday, becoming co-owner of the brand. Full Squad Gaming is a digital media brand owned by esports team NRG that posts short gaming content primarily on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Lucky made his mark with Esports Talk and Esports Closet but established himself on Twitter as a big name for esports news. After announcing on Twitter that he would be joining one of seven possible outlets for the future, Lucky announced the decision in a stylized YouTube video. With all the options available, his feeling that he “finally wants to own something,” led to choosing Full Squad Gaming.

Lucky’s decision to work with Full Squad Gaming

The seven options at Lucky’s disposal included Dextero, Midnight Society, G2 Esports, Facebook, Twitch, theScore and Full Squad Gaming. As many content creators do, the video gives some explanation as to why the creator made their choice. For example, Lucky didn’t go with Dexerto because he “wants to do more than just the news.” This is a reference to his Twitter account, where he is quick to talk about news across esports.

Along with small jokes about other brands, such as Facebooks Metaverse and staying up late to work with the Midnight Society, he whittled down the choices to only one option. However, the video also game with a sponsorship announcement with cryptocurrency brand Coinbase for Full Squad Gaming.

After confirmation of the move, Lucky was quick to talk about the brand’s future. He mentions “a possible bus tour, maybe a college tour” for esports and gaming interviews. Besides that, he simply states more will be announced in the future.

As for Full Squad Gaming, which mentions online that they’re simply “2 friends that started a gaming company,” are continuing their esports path. Before singing Lucky, their Twitter mostly consisted of a mix of streamer, esports and gaming content. Now, with Lucky on the team, the team has a big name to help popularize everything the brand does.

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