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If you play Fortnite on either a PlayStation or Xbox console, you may have noticed some excruciatingly long load times after completing a match. Some players are reporting load times of up to 10 minutes. Considering most Fortnite matches don’t last that long, it’s a point of contention for console users.

Fortunately, Epic Games is aware of the issue and looking into it.

Epic Games support team has had a crazy day with Fortnite today. First, there was the launch of Season 5, and then earlier this afternoon, players reported login errors. That’s all on top of a recently discovered issue where players aren’t gaining experience for discovering locations. Not even the mobile market is safe, as there’s another issue that causes the game to crash on Android devices.

If there’s anything we can count on with the launch of new content, it’s that there will be frustrating bugs. And no, none of these bugs are disguised as features.

Issues plaguing PlayStation

From looking at the Fortnite issues Trello board, the PlayStation console seems to be suffering more issues than any other platform. In addition to the long load times, PlayStation players have reported a “Fulfillment Error message,” which is the inability to create cross-platform parties between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and a number of issues regarding the new Fortnite Crew subscription. For example, players are receiving errors when attempting to join the subscription, and after players do join, they don’t have a Fortnite Crew button on their screens.

While Epic Games is working hard on the load time fix, I have some suggestions (that I’ve given my kids) to fill the time.

  • Make a sandwich.
  • Clean your room/office.
  • Put away the laundry.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Do some crunches and/or pushups.

As Fortnite issues and fixes come in, Daily Esports will be sure to report them.