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The items, weapons, and vehicles found within Fortnite are referred to as the “loot pool.” Since the days of the Sword, competitive Fortnite players have called for a separate loot pool. Epic Games stuck to a single loot pool until recently. Since the first “Competitive Fortnite Development Blog Post” on April 26, 2019, the developer had remained steadfast on keeping competitive and casual Fortnite the same game. Essentially, competitions and tournaments include the same weapons, vehicles, and items as the regular game modes. The developer then reaffirmed their commitment to a single loot pool during an AMA on Reddit. However, since that the developer has removed several items from competitive play, such as the Storm Flip. Now, Epic Games continues to regularly input certain items in specific game modes.

Competitive vs. casual loot pool

The crux of the argument is balance. Fortnite involves a large amount of randomness. The only way to mitigate the randomness is through a balanced weapon, item, and vehicle pool. Thus, there is the call from professional Fortnite players to provide competitive play a separate loot pool. At first, Epic Games shut down the idea of two variations of the game. They wanted the competitive version of the game to resemble the same version that millions of people play daily. For fans of competitive Fortnite, it is evidently clear that even with the same loot pool the two games are vastly different. Building techniques and the number of players alive in each zone are two indicators of a different game. Also, the Siphon mechanic is only available in competitive modes. Epic Games began to acknowledge the difference during the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.

Creating a separate loot pool

The first variation from a singular loot pool was caused by a bug. In Week 5 of the Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games disabled all vehicles. Although many players praised the move, Epic Games reintroduced vehicles once the issue was resolved. To the dismay of professionals, Ballers and other vehicles still remain in the competitive game. Next came the Storm Flip. This item created a storm-like effect in a large area and quickly drew criticism. In response, Epic Games removed the item from competitive play.

The most recent patch introduced Birthday Cake and Birthday Presents. These items are to celebrate the second birthday of Fortnite. The Birthday items are not in competitive game modes. Additionally, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle released in content update v9.41 will not be found in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. While Epic Games said they want a singular loot pool, their actions display a different mentality. The developer hears what players are saying regarding a separate loot pool. This is positive for the state of competitive Fortnite. Competitive and casual play must be treated differently in order to provide optimal gameplay for all players. Simply, the two styles of play are already different. Acknowledging that difference and acting accordingly can only help provide a better experience for all.

Do you believe separate loot pools are healthy for Fortnite? Are competitive players asking for too much? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest Fortnite news!