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The next major Fortnite crossover may be with G.I. Joe fan-favorite characters Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow dropping in next.

In a new transmission video Agent Jonesy hints that the next agent he has planned is a “ninja master” and they have the “best code names”. What other series has ninja masters and awesome codenames?

“Reality locked in 15 5, sorry hearing is a little shot because, well, it is just non-stop laser guns and explosions here. So, this target is going to be perfect, uh, him and his buddies are all the real deal and they have the best code names,” Jonesy said.

“Whoever is unlucky enough to be in his crosshairs, well, they’ll never hear him coming. But if they could, then they would know he means business. And knowing is half the battle.”

The “knowing is half the battle” quote is a pretty big clue. At the end of each episode of the 1983 G.I. Joe cartoon, the characters would have a short PSA about good behavior and staying safe. Kind of like Aesop’s Fables but with guns and soldiers instead of foxes and golden geese.

Fortnite G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero slogan. Image via Hasbro.

Knowing where to find Fortnite crossover clues is half the battle

Another major hint is chief creative officer at Epic Games Donald Mustard’s Twitter profile. Mustard has hinted multiple times which new characters could be coming to the game through various tweets and location changes in his profile.

Mustard recently changed his location to “Arashikage Clan”, a ninja clan based in Japan in the G.I. Joe lore. Two of the most famous members of the Clan are Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes.

The immensely popular battle royale game has already seen a ton of crossovers this season, including Master Chief, and The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Michonne. The crossovers have been a pretty big hit with fans, except those who are upset that the Baby Yoda back bling doesn’t quite work.