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On Sunday, Epic Games announced it will be committing all Fortnite proceeds from March 20 through April 3 to humanitarian relief for people affected by the war in Ukraine. On Monday, Epic Games revealed it had already raised $36 million USD for the relief effort, which will go to UNICEF, World Food Programme, the UN Refugee Agency and Direct Relief.

Humanitarian relief for the war in Ukraine

Around the world, developers, companies, and people are coming together to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. The funds raised from Fortnite are doing directly to organizations who are supporting people affected by the war. UNICEF are providing blankets, medicine, and first aid kits. As an organization, they have estimated a total of $349 million USD is needed to support refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

The World Food Program is providing food and supplies to refugees. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency protect the rights and lives of people fleeing the war. Direct Relief is providing medical supplies and food. The money raised through Fortnite is directly helping people affected by the war in Ukraine. There are still just under two weeks of the fundraising campaign remaining.

Xbox and Microsoft join the fight

Along with Epic Games, Xbox and Microsoft announced they would be joining the humanitarian relief campaign. During the two week campaign, any net proceeds from Fortnite through Xbox will also be going to the charities listed above. Xbox added to its commitment by placing a link to UNICEF on the Xbox home page. Microsoft Rewards can also be used to to support UNICEF even further.

Users can earn Microsoft Rewards through Bing searches, gaming on Xbox, and participating in quizzes, polls, and surveys. You can also earn points just for buying games and downloading apps. Until April 30, you can donate your points to UNICEF, and Microsoft will also match that donation. Anyone will a Microsoft account can sign up for the Microsoft Rewards program.

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