Epic Games disables boats in Fortnite after discovering multiple bugs
Fortnite Epic Games boats disabled bugs
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Epic Games disables boats in Fortnite after discovering multiple bugs

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An update in Fortnite came through today that has disabled all boats in the game. Epic Games announced this through the “Fortnite Status” Twitter account earlier today. The reasoning behind the removal is the developers and community found numerous bugs associated with boats. Glitches that gave infinite items and map-loading issues are just a couple of the bugs found. Epic did not reveal when boats could be reintroduced into Fortnite. However, at least the developers caught this problem before it got any worse.

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Boats removed from Fortnite

While this isn’t a huge deal now that the water on the Season 3 map has receded, boats being gone is still significant. With the absence of cars on the map, the only vehicle used for traversal now is the Choppa. The developers have still not yet commented on the arrival of cars, but that’s another story.

Boats were easily the best way to navigate around the Fortnite Season 3 map. With how much water there is, boats are almost essential if you want to land somewhere like The Fortilla. However, with boats now gone, players might see an influx of opponents on the mainland island.

While this is unfortunate for the player base, it’s a benefit to all in the long run. Boats were causing some serious mayhem on the island and not in a good way. Reports of strange glitches occurring while in or near a boat were popping up on a daily basis.

In addition to those bugs, there was a “duplication bug” running rampant in Fortnite thanks to the boats. All players had to do was switch between an item and their pickaxe while jumping in a boat to receive 1,000,000 of that same item. Clearly, Epic Games made the right decision in disabling the boats.

We’ll be sure to update you when boats are returned in Fortnite here at Daily Esports.

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