Epic details Getaway LTM, High Stakes event, Wild Card skin | More soon

Epic Games details Getaway LTM, High Stakes event, Wild Card skin | More info soon

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Earlier today, a post on the FortniteGame Twitter account revealed a new in-game event titled High Stakes. This event includes a new limited time mode, Getaway LTM, along with the Wild Card outfit and High Stakes challenges. Not much is known aside from a still image of the Wild Card skin. Naturally, the internet immediately caught abuzz with speculation.

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Dataminers speculated that the new Wild Card skin would be customizable, allowing users to select different card suits to display. This is similar to the Visitor skin from Season 5, unlocked by completing the Road Trip challenges. This skin allowed players to change the facial expression on the robotic display of the skin. Meanwhile, others believed the High Stakes challenges to be the prerequisite for unlocking the skin. Further speculation surrounded the theme itself, and whether or not this announcement hints at a future gaming center location in-game.

However, not much is know about the Getaway LTM iteslf. Epic Games will feature gameplay on a Twitch stream during PAX.

This story is ongoing. We will keep you updated as new information is revealed.