Epic Games announces new Support-A-Creator Event for Fortnite

Epic Games announces new Support-A-Creator Event for Fortnite

Epic Games has revealed a new initiative called Support-A-Creator. This event rewards Fortnite content creators with real-world money when their fans spend V-Bucks, Fortnite‘s in-game currency. In a post on its blog, Epic heralds this event as a celebration of all the community content created for Fortnite. And for good reason! It’s safe to say a large part of Fortnite‘s success is due to the endless outpouring of content from streamers on YouTube and Twitch, not to mention fan support on forums and Reddit.

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To recognize the community that helped their game reach the sensation it currently is, Epic is beginning the Support-A-Creator event.

The past year has seen an incredible amount of Creator content on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, celebrating the world of Fortnite. To show support for all of the Creators out there, we’re excited to announce the Support-A-Creator Event!

During the Support-A-Creator Event, Creators will earn money when supporters spend V-Bucks. Choose your favorite Creator and Epic will do the rest. The event runs from next week’s Fortnite update through December 31.

Interested? The full list of criteria and frequently asked questions can be found on the Support-A-Creator support page.

Fortnite Support-A-Creator rewards content creators with real money

As seen in the excerpt above, the Support-A-Creator event begins next week and continues until the end of the year. Once the event begins, players can select a new “Support a Creator” option in the Item Shop menu of Battle Royale or Loot in Save the World. The selected Creator will earn a percentage of the profits when players spend V-Bucks in-game. An important detail to note is that this value applies both to free V-Bucks earned through gameplay as well as V-Bucks purchased via the store. Supporters can change which Creator they support at any time, but the cycle also resets every 14 days. At this point, players are required to either reselect the Creator they were previously supporting or choose a new one. Creators will receive $5 USD for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent by their supporters.

Interestingly, the list of “Creators” has not yet been determined. While we can expect all of the major names in the community to appear, others are also encouraged to apply. Epic defines “Creators” as “video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, cosplayers, musicians, and community builders.” Due to this open description, it’s likely fans can expect community favorites such as SquatingDog, the creator of the weekly challenge maps. There are a few other lines of criteria:

  • Has regularly created and released Fortnite content over the last 30 days
  • Has 1,000+ followers on at least one major social platform
  • Completes the Affiliate Agreement and abides by our Creator Code of Conduct
  • Capable of receiving payment in a form that Epic supports

While the payout may be modest, this is still a charitable nod toward the community. Hopefully Epic continues to provide creative initiatives and encourage participation from all of its fans.