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Envy Gaming and Generation Esports have partnered up to give students in Texas more competitive gaming opportunities. Both high school or middle school students will benefit from this partnership.

The future generation of gamers

Generation Esports is the organization that founded the High School Esports League (HSEL) and Middle School Esports League (MSEL) programs.

By working with Generation Esports, Envy Gaming will integrate content creators, professional esports players and coaches into the HSEL and MSEL curricula.

Additionally, efforts will be made to increase the participation of esports tournaments for students.

Envy Gaming and Generation Esports partnership fosters school gaming tournaments
Overwatch screenshot. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

“We want to champion the future generation of gamers in Texas,” Adam Rymer, CEO at Envy Gaming, said.

Rymer added that Envy Gaming became interested in Generation Esports because the organization offered an entry point and pipeline for the younger generation. Students who wish to pursue esports will get first-hand exposure to relevant career paths.

Esports and everyday culture

Mason Mullenioux, the CEO of Generation Esports, acknowledged the importance of esports in school.

“There are more than 42 million gamers under the age of 18 in North America, compared to only 7 million traditional student athletes,” Mullenioux said. “Gaming is part of everyday culture for students and is an equalizer today. The jocks, the nerds, it doesn’t matter–they all play games.”

With the new partnership, Envy Gaming and Generation Esports claim Texas students will experience healthy competition that champions respect and inclusivity.

Overwatch screenshot. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Generation Esports also wants to scale up what it can offer to students. Recently, the organization raised $10.8 million in its Series A round. By working with the Varsity Esports Foundation as well, Generation Esports will provide gaming hardware and grants in the state to help launch and grow esports curricula.

As for Envy Gaming, the company wants to bring HSEL and MSEL competitions to fan festivals related to live esports once it’s safe to do so. The company owns Dallas Fuel of the Overwatch League. It also operates the Dallas Empire Call of Duty League team.

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