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Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. has teamed up with a well-known brand in sportswear to create a new line of clothing for Luminosity Gaming. Champion, which has been a staple in the sports industry since 1919, will outfit exclusive clothing for Luminosity. It’s not just the team that is getting custom apparel; this new line will obviously also be available for its fans globally. Champion teaming up with another well-known esports division only heightens the brand power of all esports today.

Enthusiast Gaming’s Esports Division, Luminosity Gaming President Steve Maida had this to say on the new partnership:

For a brand as powerful as Champion to partner with our Esports Division, Luminosity Gaming, further proves the dominance and sheer size of the gaming and esports industry. We can now offer our fanbase of over 60 million an opportunity to buy exclusive Luminosity gear and proudly represent Team Luminosity. HBI’s Champion(R) brand is a leader in providing merchandise and attire to loyal esports fans, and we are excited to continue collaborating with them to create our unique Luminosity+Champion clothing line.

The new line launched at EGLX 2019

For those who attend EGLX (Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo) this year in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre, they get to see the new line revealed. About 55,000 people attended the event last year, as EGLX is the largest video game expo here in Canada. The new apparel was also available for purchase at EGLX for those in attendance. For those who couldn’t make it to EGLX, you can check out and grab the new line over on Luminosity’s website after the expo concludes. I suspect the new line will sell out fast, so for fans interested in getting their hands on the newest gear, don’t wait too long.

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