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British esports organization Endpoint has entered a new partnership with CeX. The UK company CeX is a chain of stores that specializes in second-hand technology, gaming, and computing. The brand that was founded in 1992 has over the years expanded globally to countries such as Spain, Ireland, and the Netherlands. One element of this sponsorship will see gaming experiences for the community in various stores across the UK and online. This will aim to promote upgrades and new gaming technology to extend esports to a wider audience. Endpoint and CeX will both empower each other’s brand, as each is a trusted and popular company.

With a history in esports, CeX previously held its own team that competed in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) tournaments, accumulating a total of over $24,000 in winnings. Endpoint is a reputable organization and is a well known brand in the UK, and the sponsorship will mark a growth in the UK esports scene. Significantly, a slot in the new ESL Pro Tour has already being confirmed to belong to Endpoint.

Following the Endpoint and CeX sponsorship announcement, Endpoint has begun to announce its roster for CSGO and its Rocket League RLCS lineup on Twitter.

The CEO of Endpoint, Adam Jessop, stated that the company is “pleased to be announcing [their] sponsorship deal with the prestigious high street brand CeX. It became clear that CeX matched our passion for esports.” This shows “the desire and commitment to drive the UK competitive scene forwards.”

The rebranding of Endpoint with the release of a new logo marked the New Year for the organization. The partnership with CeX has brought UK esports to the forefront of the scene. We look forward to see how the teams perform under this new development.

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