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Europe, Middle East and Africa Challengers groups have been drawn Sunday and the passionate, excited community of VALORANT has a lot to say regarding the EMEA group drawing for the first major event of the year.

The first thing that fans noticed is that both Turkish teams are in the same group, same goes for the Commonwealth of Independent States teams. This has sparked some outrage from fans who wanted their region to not compete against each other so early in the tournament.

“Why Turkish and CIS teams separated like this? I think it should be TR-CS, TR-CIS,” one fan said on Twitter.

The group draws were randomized and this was not on purpose, but it still limits the amount of international games fans will see at the tournament. Especially for CIS and the three teams from that region who are forced to face each other in Group A.

“I don’t like the fact that 3 CIS in the same group,” another fan said online.

Professional players mostly reacted with hype and excitement since it is their first showing on an international stage in 2022.

“Groups announced! I can’t wait to start competing, gonna be a banger my fans.” Guild Esports’ Jose Luis “koldamenta” Aranguren Herrero said.

Acend player Patryk “starxo” Kopczyński is mainly excited for the return of Acend vs SuperMassive Blaze. While Acend mainly kept the same roster and got invited to EMEA Challengers directly, SuperMassive Blaze went under heavy roster changes and had to earn their right to come here through Turkey open qualifiers. One of the most intense VALORANT rivalries of 2021 is taking on an new face in 2022, with Acend becoming the first world champions and the reconstruction of SMB.

Teams also posted their reactions about their group and opponents but did not reach the full banter levels as of yet since there is still some time until the tournament starts. Fans should expect more exciting and spicy stuff from team’s social media accounts further into 2022.

Now that the EMEA Challengers group draw has been decided and all teams qualified, all fans can do is sit back, relax and wait for the tournament to start on Feb. 11.

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