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ESO Patch notes

Elder Scrolls Online patch: What’s new since Necrom?

All your bugs, fixes, and patches so you can continue your adventure

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Necrom has now been released on computer and consoles. As with all big launches and expansions, players found a few bugs and issues that needed tidying up. Bethesda launched the ESO patch 9.0.6 to address some of these concerns. This also correlates to Xbox patch 1.32 and PlayStation patch 2.45 (PS4)/1.27 (PS5).

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If you’ve tried out ESO when Necrom was launched a week ago, try updating your game to get the latest fixes. Here’s what’s changed.

Arcanist class causes motion sickness

I’ve been playing some of the ESO Necrom expansion and the new class has changed the game. The Arcanist class which was released with ESO Necrom has a huge impact on the game, both mechanically and visually. If you’ve been playing, you might have seen people running around with floating books in tow, blasting streams of green at everyone and everything. The class is a little OP (over powered).

Anyone who has been using the Crux mechanic as part the class will have also noticed the OTP (over the top) Crux icons. Apparently some players were experiencing motion sickness due to the speed at which these icons float around the player. Some things have been done to help mitigate this problem.

ESO Necrom icons
The Crux icons are green triangles that float near the player (Image: Supplied)

The first is the rotation speed of the icons have been slowed down. Hopefully this helps to reduce some of that motion sickness. Next, these icons are no longer hanging around outside of combat. Once you have finished a battle, the icons have a 30 second cooldown and then they’ll disappear.

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