Elden Ring needs crossplay so I can save my friends
Elden Ring
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Elden Ring needs crossplay so I can save my friends

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Elden Ring can feel near impossible when you’re facing gigantic dragons and tree monsters all by yourself. It helps that you can summon friends to fight alongside you, unless you’re playing on different platforms. Crossplay is sorely needed in Elden Ring so that I can save my friends.

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Elden Ring doesn’t support crossplay across the many platforms it’s available on. PS5 players can’t play with Xbox One X players or PC players and so on. It’s an age-old restriction that still hinders a majority of multiplayer games that are available on a number of platforms.

I can’t help my friends kill Godrick. Instead, I have to watch from afar as PC players have all the fun modding their games to have photo-realistic visuals while they play together.

Will cross-play ever come to Elden Ring?

Elden Ring how to install PC mods
Let me help my friends fight this bear! | Provided by Bandai Namco

FromSoftware has a mixed history with answering its community’s calls for specific features. Sekiro launched with no multiplayer functionality at all. An update would later add passive multiplayer to the game, letting players share short bits of data similar to the bloodstain mechanic in Elden Ring.

Dark Souls 3, a game that launched in 2016, still doesn’t have crossplay between consoles and PC. Dark Souls Remastered, which launched in 2018, also does not have cross-platform functionality.

Players have been asking for an official Bloodborne PC port for years, but one has never been released. Some PC players have created mods that add Bloodborne mechanics to Dark Souls 3  on PC. However, no news of an official part has ever been confirmed.

Elden Ring could get additional content sometime down the road, but it’s doubtful that FromSoftware will add a feature they’ve never implemented in any of their other games. But, Elden Ring is incredibly popular. Hopefully that’ll change how the Japanese studio approaches future development. Maybe it will push them to add a photo mode, too.


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