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Elden Ring is finally here and that means thousands of people are streaming their adventures within the Lands Between on Twitch. Nearly 800,000 people are watching streamers as they attempt to beat Margit the Fell Omen and every other boss from FromSoftware’s latest game.

The open world adventure’s Feb. 25 release has hit the third-highest concurrent viewership count for a premium, non free-to-play game in Twitch history — behind New World and Cyberpunk 2077 — according to data from market platform Gamesight. It’s just as fun to watch people die in Elden Ring as it is to actually play it.

Elden Ring is blowing up on Twitch

Elden Ring is the most anticipated game of 2022. Over 760,000 people are currently playing it on Steam. And it’s been a long time since the punishing adventure was first revealed at E3 2019.

It helps that some of Twitch’s biggest stars are currently trying out Elden Ring. Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Asmongold have pulled in more than 2 million viewer hours on their streams alone.

Elden Ring is a single player adventure at its core, so these incredible numbers could simmer down over the next few days after the novelty of a new FromSoftware game wears off. There is a multiplayer component, though. We could see streamers invade one another’s games for the fun of it. It could be a new way of raiding, similar to how popular a comparable mechanic became in Deathloop.

Like most open world adventures, Elden ring is a gigantic game. It has secrets and mini bosses hidden in every nook and cranny of its massive map. We’ll likely see new YouTube breakdowns and Twitch streams for months, if not years, to come exploring side quests and other secrets the game has to offer.

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