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Eldegoss in Pokémon UNITE is one of the simplest yet most effective Pokémon that a player can pick. Eldegoss is one of the few Pokémon that focuses on healing teammates, a trait that is almost always needed for a balanced team. We at Upcomer are here to show you how to build, play and win games as the cotton bloom Pokémon, Eldegoss.

Eldegoss’ Role in Pokémon UNITE

the Pokemon screen for eldegoss Pokemon Unite
The Pokémon screen for Eldegoss in Pokémon UNITE l Provided by Pro Game Guides

Eldegoss is one of the few AOE healers in the game, the closest a Pokémon has come to an enchanter from League of Legends. In the early game, Eldegoss’ goal is to gain its evolution as fast as possible. Eldegoss wants to act as a babysitter in lane for a weaker carry — using its heals to sustain and stabilize an otherwise weak early game.

As the game gets later, Eldegoss’ Cotton Guard ability is able to shield, increase movement speed and heal allies. The Pollen Puff ability is able to damage enemies and also heal allies. Finally, Eldegoss’ UNITE move, Cotton Cloud Crash is able to push enemies away from its allies while also healing.

In every fight, Eldegoss must remain alive in order to continue to heal its allies. With the current roster in Pokémon UNITE, a team with an Eldegoss will always be able to outlast a team without one over time.

Best Items on Eldegoss

The items Eldegoss uses revolve around keeping itself alive so that it can continue to heal its allies. The main items that an Eldegoss should go for are:

  • Shell Bell — Allows Eldegoss to heal even more after every use of Pollen Puff.
  • Buddy Barrier — Everytime Eldegoss uses its UNITE move, it provides a shield to the ally that has the lowest HP, effectively increasing the UNITE move’s heal. This makes an already heal-centric kit even stronger.
  • Assault Vest — Provides a shield that allows Eldegoss to survive even longer.
  • Float Stone — Allows Eldegoss to move between lanes as fast as possible, providing heals to all allies.

All of Eldegoss’ items are centered around keeping itself alive, so that it can keep its allies alive. Any combination of these items will work depending on the game. However, the first three are considered the default build and essential to getting the most out of Eldegoss.

Best Build for Eldegoss

Eldegoss uses pollen puff
Eldegoss uses its Pollen Puff move l Provided by Shack News

The cotton bloom Pokémon has a fairly straightforward skill build. It begins with taking Leafage, in order to help clear neutral Pokémon in the beginning of the game. Then, take Synthesis whenever possible.

Hitting Level 4, the most common upgrade is Pollen Puff. This ability allows Eldegoss to properly sustain allies while dealing damage. The only case in which to take Leaf Tornado instead would be when the enemy has a lot of movement abilities to escape. The movement speed buff from Leaf Tornado helps even the playing field.

When it comes to upgrading Synthesis, it will always be Cotton Guard. The ability gains the most value when around all four allies. It gives all allies a flat shield that can absorb damage, and turn it into heal. It is able to save allies consistently, and provide heals that no other Pokémon can. The longer a fight goes, the more value is gained from Cotton Guard.

Finally, Eldegoss’ UNITE move, Cotton Cloud Crash should be taken whenever it is available.