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It is no secret that Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) has suffered due to a lack of team licenses. Falling in the shadow of FIFA, many have chosen that series over PES on that sole premise alone. Konami has been working hard on adding more team licenses to its upcoming title, eFootball PES 2020. With an exclusive deal with Juventus that left FIFA having to rename the team to Piemonte Calcio and also a license with the Italian Serie A, Konami has done a solid job thus far this year. However, some great news regarding the national teams came through when Konami announced that PES 2020 will be the official partner for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020. This led to a startling difference in national licenses held by Konami when in comparison to their previous title.

PES 2020 adds almost all national teams participating in UEFA Euro

PES 2019 saw quite the backlash from fans when it came to national squads. Many teams were only half licensed or not licensed at all. It seemed as if Konami had fully ignored the national team licenses and solely focused on clubs. A picture has surfaced that shows the humongous difference between the two titles.

PES 2020 vs. PES 2019

While all teams apart from Luxembourg are fully licensed for the most part in the upcoming game, PES 2019 was extremely lackluster. And sure, the teams that were missing were not of the highest status. However, for a football fan, teams such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, or Cyprus enable a true simulated tournament to play out. Luckily, eFootball PES 2020 will guarantee fans the fun that they seek with a dedicated UEFA Euro 2020 mode in downloadable content form.

With a couple of days left ahead of the launch day, Sept. 10, who knows if Konami isn’t hiding anything else in their sleeves? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing is sure: Konami is doing all it can for eFootball PES 2020 to finally knock FIFA off of the throne.

Will you be picking up this year’s iteration of PES?