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Two Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers have signed with Rogue Gaming. Jared “Eclipsae” Elwood and Howard “Tetchra” Lebright join the organization as the team’s top competitive Fortnite players. The duo previously came from Bolt Esports. After Bolt began to fall apart, the two players started looking for another team. In Week 8 of the Fortnite World Cup, they finished on top of the NA East region. This qualified Eclipsae and Tetchra for the finals in New York City. Now, the duo joins Rogue Gaming to represent the organization at the World Cup Finals. On July 27, the duo plays for a chance at a $30 million prize pool.

Qualifying for the World Cup

Eclipsae and Tetchra play as one cohesive unit. During the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens, the duo placed consistently in the top 100 teams. Eventually, in Week 8, the team broke out to qualify. Throughout the nine games, the duo achieved two Victory Royales and a total of 94 points. This was good enough to finish number one overall in the region. The points were front-loaded as Eclipsae and Tetchra achieved 59 points through their first four games; they had an insane start to the competition. Then the duo came back to the mean as they scored 35 more points over the five remaining games. The points were spread very evenly across eliminations and placement with only six more elimination points.

Next steps for the players

Both players stream and share their gameplay on various social media platforms. As the Fortnite World Cup approaches, the players’ streams have slowed down. Since the duo is approaching the largest Fortnite tournament ever, they are in the midst of preparation. Signing with an organization like Rogue Gaming will provide the duo all the resources they need to be successful. Although not known for their Fortnite players, Rogue is a well-run organization. They work with Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, who is one of the biggest names in Fortnite entertainment. The signing of Eclipsae and Tetchra should greatly benefit both the players and the organization.

Fortnite World Cup qualifiers are signing with organizations every day leading up to the event. Teams want their name out there, and players want to take advantage of their success. Epic Games is creating this massive event and competitive gaming body. The competitive Fortnite community is continuing to grow.

Which player signs with an organization next? How will Tetchra and Eclipsae perform at the World Cup? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest Fortnite news!