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Timetwister is without a doubt one of the most powerful cards in Magic, and it has been since Alpha. The card is completely banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage. But thanks to Modern Horizons, a brand new version of that card — albeit with a restriction — is entering the Modern format: Echo of Eons.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons - Echo of Eons

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Echo of Eons breakdown

Echo of Eons is a 6 mana Sorcery with the exact same effect as Timetwister: Shuffle all players’ hands and graveyards into the deck, then each player draws 7 cards. It also has flashback for 3 mana. This flashback effect is what makes the card the most powerful. This cost of only 3 mana is what made Timetwister so busted.


In Modern, Echo of Eons is a card some decks could look to brew around. Decks that play Faithless Looting instantly come to mind. Being able to discard this only to flash it back is a huge upside. Maybe a deck like Izzet Phoenix could use it to recycle their graveyard and refill their hand in the late game. Another possibility is Narset combo decks. Getting to cast this for free off of Narset, Enlightened Master to refuel is a distinct possibility.


In Legacy, this effect becomes much more ridiculous. Discarding Echo of Eons to Lion’s Eye Diamond, only to use the mana you make to instantly refill your hand, is incredibly busted. It also acts as a way to shuffle your resources back if you fail to combo off at any point. Starting with a fresh hand of 7 cards is often good enough for a Legacy combo deck to steal games.


It’s a bit more of a casual application, but Echo of Eons is a fantastic budget Timetwister for EDH players. No one wants to spend $500+ dollars for the 3 mana draw 7 that will never be printed again. Simply having this (hopefully) much cheaper card around should give decks who want this effect easy access to it. Yes, there are some other budget options, Like Commit//Memory or Game Plan, but they cost much more mana.

What do you think of Echo of Eons? Are there any sweet combos you have with it that we missed? Let us know down in the comments below! And for more coverage of all coming and past Modern Horizons spoilers, keep an eye on our Magic: The Gathering page!

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