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EA Sports released several major changes and new features for the FIFA Ultimate Team mode in the game’s 2022 edition. FUT is FIFA’s most popular game mode, which earned EA about $1.62 billion in 2020. FUT 22 comes with reworked Division Rivals, co-op public matchmaking and stadium customization. It also features FUT champions, FUT Heroes and season milestone rewards, as well as additional gameplay settings.

Reworked Division Rivals and new Elite Division in FUT 22

In FIFA 22, EA totally changed Divisional Rivals to allow the best FUT players around the globe to compete. Now, players will climb Divisions and earn rewards based on ranks, stages and checkpoints. Ranks will reflect a player’s progress within one division, unlocking better rewards for the week. While stages are the individual steps between the ranks, checkpoints help players maintain progress and ensure that they remain at their skill level.

FUT 22 Divison Riv
FUT 22 reworked Division Rivals. | Provided by EA Sports

Furthermore, the results of every match will determine a player’s progress on the ladder. Unlike before, winning two consecutive matches in a row will begin a winning streak. For FUT 22, all players will start in Division 10 and compete for a spot in the prestigious Elite Division.

The Elite Division is a new tier of competition beyond Division 1 and will host the best FUT players in the world. The progression there will be based on the skill rating system introduced in FUT 21. Matchmaking in this division will be based on skill rating and physical location. Also, a player who makes it to the Elite Division will remain there until the end of the season. These changes aim to bring a more transparent progression so that players can know where they stand in a Division. It also allows them to see what they need to do to earn rewards and promotions.

Co-op public matchmaking in FUT 22

For FUT in FIFA 22, co-op public matchmaking is a new mode in FUT  friendlies. With this, players can have a casual  experience in FUT with someone new against co-op opponents. The new mode will be available in online friendlies. Players can enter a new team from the pre-made squad and they are not allowed to use their FUT squad. This is in place to solve the problem of partners both wanting to use their own team and it also gives players the chance to play with top-rated players.

Season milestones

FUT 22 Division Rivals
FUT 22 reworked Division Rivals. | Provided by EA Sports

These milestones are a new way to receive extra rewards in Divisional Rivals by playing Rivals matches. Everyone who plays Rivals matches will make progress toward these rewards regardless of whether they win or lose. FUT players can earn up to three milestone rewards per division, based on the division they finished in. Moreover, weekly rewards in Divisional Rivals will be earned through winning a certain number of matches before the weekends. At the start of each season, progression will reset to a lower Division for all players.

FUT Champions

FUT 22 Finals
FUT 22 Champions finals. | Provided by EA Sports

In FIFA 22, the FUT Champions finals will now occur on weekends replacing the Weekend League. The qualification token for the finals allows players to choose when they enter the competition. During each FUT season, all players have six weeks and a set number of attempts to qualify for the Champions playoffs and finals. Players will be rewarded differently at the two stages of the competition.

Additionally, EA has improved the FUT main menu, celebration camera settings, seasonal themes and search filters. It has also introduced stadium and crowd customization, allowing players to build the FUT stadium of their dreams. Aside from all  these changes, EA did not leave FIFA professional players out as Division Rivals. FUT Champions will now be fully enabled for them. This will allow pros to master skills and play far more competitive games.

FUT and FIFA 22 will release fully on Oct. 1, with preorder already ongoing.