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Dying Light 2 Stay Human releases Friday on every major platform. Upcomer got the chance to play the game early and will be posting guides on its mechanics, quests and gameplay features throughout the week. However, for anyone who wants a more comprehensive look at Dying Light 2, look no further. This article will contain all of Upcomer’s Dying Light 2 guides in one convenient location.

The new sequel from Techland follows Aiden Caldwell, who is a Pilgrim in the 2030s. The game takes place a couple of decades after the events of the original Dying Light but features a cast of almost all new characters. You will be fighting your way through a city called Villedor, where the Infected roam the streets freely and several factions vie for control of its provinces. The main goal along your journey is to find someone you lost long ago.

Dying Light 2 guides hub

If you loved the original Dying Light or are a fan of open-world games in general, Dying Light 2 will meet or even exceed your expectations. However, some of the game’s elements are a bit tricky to figure out. That’s where we come in; below you can find guides on everything that’s available in Dying Light 2. The guides are categorized into the subsection they fall into within the game.

Game mechanics

Quest objectives

Gameplay objectives

Skill tree


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