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As part of the Pokémon Day “Pokémon Presents” live stream, more news dropped regarding the Pokémon MOBA, Pokémon UNITE. In the brief section of the live stream, a new game mode was revealed as well as details regarding the Pokémon Day in-game event and the first look at the next Pokémon joining the game, Duraludon.

A new game mode

A new game mode was added to Pokémon UNITE as a part of the Pokémon Day celebration live stream. The new game mode is called “Full Fury Battles” and it’s out starting Sunday  This game mode is reminiscent of League of Legends URF game mode where a player’s Pokémon is able to fire off its abilities in rapid succession. The new game mode is only around for a limited time.

Entire roster unlocked on certain days

Secondly, on certain days listed on the official Pokémon UNITE website, players will be able to use any Pokémon in the game in Standard and Quick battles on those specified days. This means that even though a player doesn’t own a certain Pokémon, they will be free to use on these days. The roster currently has a little over 30 Pokémon to choose from with more coming in the future.

Pokémon Day event going on now

Thirdly, in the live stream, a reminder to players was given out telling them that the Pokémon Day event is happening now in-game. Hoopa, the newest Pokémon UNITE release is a part of it. During the Pokémon Day event, all players are able to play as Hoopa for a limited time, regardless of owning its license. Also, if players clear all of the special missions for the Pokémon Day event they can receive Hoopa for free permanently. Players logging in for the event will receive free in-game fashion items for their trainer.

Duraludon is the next Pokémon joining UNITE

Finally, at the very end of the Pokémon UNITE section of the live stream, they teased the next Pokémon joining the game. In a brief clip, players got their first look at Duraludon. Only two of Duraludon’s moves were seen. They included a move that looks like Stealth Rock and a wide range area of effect damaging move. More details on Duraludon will be shown in the future.

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