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Compared to other multiplayer titles, Apex Legends isn’t subject to many leaks. Respawn Entertainment keeps quiet about a majority of its upcoming content, making leaks hard to come by. However, the latest leak may have been right in front of our eyes since the beginning of Season 3. In the launch trailer for the new season, Crypto is seen with two pistols in his hands. While this alone doesn’t mean too much, pair it with Apex Legends‘ newest video and the possibility of a dual-wield hop-up becomes much likelier. In the new content video, Lifeline has two pistols in her hands, which could be very telling.

Dual-wield on the way?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear any additional gameplay content will be released in Season 3. Although, the fourth season of Apex Legends is right around the corner, so maybe we could see this hop-up launch then.

Respawn typically has a rationale for everything it does. So, the fact that two legends are wielding two pistols is likely significant. It’s unclear why Crypto would be seen with akimbo pistols at the start of Season 3 though since we haven’t seen anything of the sort so far.

Perhaps there was a developmental setback, leading to Respawn to again tease fans with Lifeline wielding two pistols. All of the information and theories can be heard in TheGamingMerchant’s newest YouTube video.

How will the hop-up act?

If this hop-up were to enter the fold in Apex Legends, it should work like every other attachment in the game. Assuming dual-wield would be a Legendary-and-above hop-up, you would find it sparingly on the map. However, when you do, you would hypothetically gain an extra RE-45 to shoot at enemies.

The presumed weapons compatible with the dual-wield hop-up would be all pistols. A weapon like the Alternator could also be a candidate for dual-wielding. Though, Respawn will want to keep things balanced, so something like the R-99 probably wouldn’t be considered.

If we do end up seeing a dual-wield hop-up in Apex Legends, fans should expect it to launch with Season 4.

Do you think we’ll see a dual-wield attachment? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all future Apex Legends news.

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