DrDisrespect makes a return with monstrous YouTube stream
DrDisrespect return

DrDisrespect makes a comeback with monstrous YouTube stream

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Content creator Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm streamed on YouTube for the first time after receiving a permanent ban from Twitch. In June 2020, DrDisrespect’s world came crashing down as reports revealed the streamer was banned. The situation stirred controversy, because Doc insisted the ban’s reason was unknown. The ban was particularly controversial because his removal came at a time where content creators banned for an amass of sexual assault reports.

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Since then, his community, The Champion’s Club, has patiently awaited DrDisrespect to return and continued to theorize about the truth. However, DrDisrespect remained quiet throughout this time. When he finally spoke publicly, he was careful not to divulge unnecessary information. Despite the controversy, the Twitch community knew it was only a matter of time before DrDisrespect found his way back into the limelight.

DrDisrespect returns

On August 6, DrDisrespect went live on his YouTube channel. An hour later, he tweeted his YouTube link captioned, “tomorrow, we arrive.” However, some were disappointed with what they found. DrDisrespect never technically showed up to his stream. For six hours (and counting), Doc has played a looped video of a rainy gas station scene. Throughout the loop, voice snippets from fellow content creators like Timothy John “TimTheTatMan” Betar played, joking about his return. According to fellow content creator Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, DrDisrespect typed in his own chat saying he’d see them tomorrow at 12 PM PST.

Reportedly, his live stream broke upwards of 335 thousand consecutive viewers, all eagerly hoping to catch a glimpse of Doc. In a matter of hours, DrDisrespect’s YouTube subscriber count jumped from 1.78 million to 1.96 million and garnered more than 3 million video views, according to SocialBlade. What’s more, SocialBlade estimates the channel has earned between $671 and $10,700 dollars, not including members and donations.

While the stream’s hype has certainly died down, there’s still a buzz going about the Twitch and YouTube community. Nearly 7 hours later, 13 thousand viewers are watching the looped video. At the time being, DrDisrespect fans can look forward to his return on his afternoon stream.

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