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So it looks like the next character for Season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ has been revealed, and unfortunately… it is another Goku.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This news comes from Japanese publication V-Jump, which has spilled the beans on other FighterZ content in the past. According to a translation, this version of Goku is “Kid Goku” from Dragon Ball GT, which would make this the first representative from GT in the game.

GT Goku will reportedly have a move called “Super Kamehameha.” I speculate that will be his standard quarter circle forward beam attack. His supers will include a “Super Spirit Bomb” and one other unannounced super. Also, GT Goku will turn Super Saiyan 3 if he is the only character left on your team, or if one other character is left. Goku will also bring a “Power Pole” and a “Reverse Kamehameha” attack, but no other information was given.

Yet another Goku…

This brings up one of the biggest problems with FighterZ’s roster, in that there are too many Gokus. If this translation is accurate, then that would bring the number of Gokus in the game to three. That number is even higher if you include Goku Black and the two fusions, which I do. Videl and Jiren were welcome additions to the game because there are so many great characters from the world of Dragon Ball that have not been represented in the game yet. To put in yet another Goku just feels tone deaf. It would be slightly better if it were the original Dragon Ball Goku, but it isn’t.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
So we know of Videl, Jiren, DBS Broly, Blue Gogeta, and GT Goku. That leaves one unannounced character for Season 2 of FighterZ. It stands to reason that another GT character may show up. Quality of the show aside, there are quite a few characters from GT with great designs and attacks that could fit very well into the game. Pan with Giru, Super 17, Baby, and Omega Shenron would all be very welcome additions. Here’s hoping if we do see more GT, we can at least get something a little more fresh.