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After less than a week in Fortnite, the BRUTE has caused a lot of conversation. For those unaware, Season X introduced a new vehicle called the BRUTE, and it came with multiple bugs. As such, many professional players and streamers believe the item needs to be nerfed or vaulted.

At first, Epic Games gave the vehicle 1000 health points and three separate attacks. The vehicle also needs two players to fully operate it. One player controls the movement and a stomp attack, while the other player fires rockets and shotgun bullets at enemies. You can pilot one solo, but this requires switching between seats to access the different controls and attacks.

From the beginning, the vehicle overpowered players. After the first week, players confirmed the ridiculous power of the vehicle and found multiple problems with it, too. Thus far, players have identified BRUTE bugs that allow for several modes of fast travel as well as invisibility.

Mobility glitches

The vehicle should be limited to jumping, boosting, or walking for movement. Unfortunately, multiple players have discovered ways to move faster, using techniques that Epic Games no doubt did not mean to implement in the game. First, Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan created a strategy to boost and jump repeatedly.

This technique requires players to exit the BRUTE then reenter the vehicle. When reentering, players hold boost and jump to achieve the added movement seen above.

Next comes a method by Joe “FortScientist.” This trick can cause players to shoot off of the map, so use it with caution.

As explained by FortScientist, players spam the boost and switch seat buttons or keys. Unfortunately, this method is only good for singular players. But if that’s how you play Fortnite, you just need to face the desired direction and spam the buttons or keys.

Lastly, Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo took a BRUTE in Creative mode so far off the map he reached another island.

Invisible BRUTE

In addition, the BRUTE can become invisible. Several players have reported or posted videos that show vehicles unable to be seen. Missiles appear out of nowhere. Players randomly shoot back after the BRUTE stomps on them. All the while, the dominant vehicle remains unseen by opposing players.

B.R.U.T.E.S are invisible now. from FortniteCompetitive

Previously, Epic Games disabled items or vehicles that had problems like this. After a week, however, the BRUTE remains in play. Reviews of the vehicle vary. Casual players enjoy the new gameplay, while professional players loathe the change.

Epic Games has released information that says they’re looking into the problems. But for now, players must wait for an update. Furthermore, competitive players have to wait for news regarding the vehicle in tournaments.

Has an invisible BRUTE killed you? Have you used it to speed across the map? How do you like the new vehicle? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.