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Pink creatures carrying metal past a furnace
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Does Palworld have co-op multiplayer?

Palworld is full of funny little creatures who can be your friend, but what if you want to play with your IRL mates?

The only thing more fun than exploring a world full of gun-wielding Pokemon-esque creatures is adventuring in that universe with your friends. It’s no wonder then that gamers want to know about Palworld and co-op multiplayer.

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Ever since its first appearance, Palworld has captured the interest of players around the world—and who could blame them? Little guys just running around with big AK-47s or miniguns in their hands. It’s wonderful.

Of course, it would be even more fun if you could spend your time causing havoc with your mates too. But does Palworld have co-op multiplayer? Here’s what we know.

Palworld co-op multiplayer confirmed

Yes, co-op multiplayer is included in Palworld at launch. There are two different ways to enjoy the game with your friends:

  • Up to four players can play together in an online world hosted by one of the squad.
  • Up to 32 players can play together on a dedicated server.

Whichever way you choose to play, at least you know that you don’t have to be alone. Servers are limited to 32 players for now, but Pocketpair have said they intend to increase server capabilities over time, allowing for even bigger parties.

You won’t be able to use the same character across multiple servers or online games though, as they are tired to each world at creation. It does open up the possibility of trying new things across multiple worlds though, which could prove to be exciting.

Palworld crossplay

Unfortunately, if you do want to play with your friends, they’ll need to be on the same platform as you, as Palworld will not have cross-platform play at launch.

This was confirmed by the developers Pocketpair in a Q&A session on Steam. Thankfully, they are working on adding the feature, although no release date for it has been confirmed.

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