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As a result of the v13.40 update in Fortnite, leaks have been pouring in all week. There were the standard cosmetic leaks which hint at which items could arrive in the Item Shop in future weeks. However, what’s more enticing are the insights into future content, such as Limited-Time Modes (LTM). One prominent dataminer was able to discover some information on a brand new LTM that utilizes the new Cars in Fortnite. The LTM is supposedly named “Buckle Up” and pits players against one another as Taxi drivers.

The Buckle Up LTM in Fortnite

As with all leaks that result from datamining, information is subject to change. Furthermore, Epic Games could decide to scrap something at the last minute. So, just because something is in the game files doesn’t mean that it will 100% arrive in Fortnite.

That said, leaks of this nature are generally accurate, so there’s a better chance than not that we’ll see this LTM come to the game at some point. In regards to the mode itself, dataminer @ShiinaBR has laid everything out for us.

According to ShiinaBR, each player in this mode will spawn in a Taxicab and are unable to exit. The objective of the mode is to earn the targeted number of Stars. You can accomplish this by delivering fares, collecting Stars on the map, or recovering dropped Stars.

Supposedly, respawning is enabled in this mode and it appears that it could be a demolition derby of sorts. In the game files, it states that dealing damage to other players and the environment nets you extra points. Along with this, completing tricks and sticking landings in the Taxi also earns you some bonus rewards.

There’s not a time frame on when this LTM could arrive in Fortnite. However, since Season 3 is nearly over, it’s likely this mode could be available at the start of Season 4.

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