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Destructoid Presents: So You Think You Can Stream? $5000 Competition

Destructoid presents “So You Think You Can Stream?” $5000 Competition

Calling all streamers, content creators, YouTubers, Twitchers, pontificators, talking heads, and smartasses — think you’ve got what it takes to impress Mr. Destructoid and win the hearts and minds of our adoring fans? Then enter our So You Think You Can Stream? challenge!

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We’re looking for the next big name in streaming and it just could be you! From June 15-30 we’re asking all talented streamers to throw their name into the hat to audition to be Dtoid’s next big thing.


Entrants will choose a battle royale or online shooter of their choice and strut their stuff for judging in front of Dtoid’s resident streamer Dreezy and the Destructoid Community via chat. Streamers will be judged on the following:


  • Aim/Accuracy
  • Reaction Time/Reflexes
  • Map Awareness
  • Shot Calling/Team Communication
  • Strategy
  • Leadership/Moral


  • Personality (Wit, Intelligence, Humor, Uniqueness)
  • Overall Appearance
  • Setting/Background
  • Stream Setup (Mic, Cam, Lighting, PC/Console)
  • Interaction with community/chat
  • Flow of stream, Consistency

Streamers will present via a 20-minute audition and then be judged accordingly based on the above criteria. The top three streamers will move onto the final round, wherein after one more round of streaming a grand champion will be crowned.

I know y’all like prizes, so here they are: Our winner will receive $5,000, an invitation to be a guest judge on future shows, and a fast-track to the top 32 in Luminosity Gaming’s RISING STARS contest wherein the winner of that competition will receive $100,000 and a one-year contract to stream with them.

So, you think you can stream? Enter via the link below, wherein you’ll find full judging criteria and rules as well as the entry form. Good luck, and happy streaming!

Destructoid Presents “So You Think You Can Stream?” $5000 Competition