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Lightfall brought many new changes to Destiny 2, including Guardian Ranks. These have helped players understand their progression a lot better. This has made it a popular new feature.

Here is a full explanation of the Guardian Rank system in Destiny 2 and what it can provide to players.

The Guardian Ranks explained

For long time players of Destiny 2, you’ll see that every Guardian you encounter online now has a number beside their name. That is their Guardian Rank, with possible numbers from 1-11. Those numbers reflect the players’ experience in the game, with 1 as the lowest and 11 as the highest.

You can easily access your rank in-game through the View Journey tab in Orbit or through the Journey tab from the in-game menu.

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks
The Guardian Rank system in Destiny 2. | Provided by Michael Czar.

The ranks start simple, with completing the tutorial and early gameplay missions to move you along. However, as you get higher, aspects like exotic missions and legend Lost Sectors will be in your way for the next rank.

As much as these ranks are just for show, there are specific things these ranks unlock. You won’t know what the unlock is until the rank is completed. For example, Ghost Mods, Triumphs, and Titles are all Guardian Rank unlocks.

How the Guardian Rank affects Destiny 2

To put it simply, whether in raids or Nightfalls, it was always tough to tell how experienced your allies are. Of course, looking at their total Power level is a good enough way, but not always consistent. Especially if the player is just trying to level up one of their lesser used characters, Power level doesn’t always correlate.

Now, the Guardian Rank can easily show others that you might need more help, or they’ll know you’ll be fine.