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Classic Dead or Alive character Christie is finally coming to DOA6! After being announced at Paris Games Week this past weekend, we have a trailer that Team NINJA debuted during the Monday Night Streaks live stream for Christie’s return in Dead or Alive 6. The trailer has not been officially released, but you can check it out here, courtesy of Top Gaime:

In the past, Christie has always been a speedy character in the Dead or Alive series with plenty of strikes and pokes that can make her difficult to counter. This seems to translate over to her appearance in Dead or Alive 6 where the attacks we see out of her include some fast lunging jabs and acrobatic kicks, making for a few notable juggles. Previously, her sharp arsenal made her a dangerous and top-tier character among the scene. The trailer we have offers only a little bit to see. That said her style is seemingly intact so far. Hopefully, Players looking to capitalize on the frustrating poke and dodge and previously amazing combo potential of Christie will be satisfied.

Christie has also received a redesign from her appearance in Dead or Alive 5. Ditching the full body suits of the past, Christie’s Dead or Alive 6 outfit seems a bit more showy, but also classy as well. You can see in this comparison from Twitter user @KyleKatarn1980.

This fits the trend of redesigning a lot of Dead or Alive’s characters moving them away from “sexy” to “cool”, a trend that many consider great for the game overall. After all, an assassin would most likely dress more like Christie in this game then she would in Dead or Alive 5.

The roster for Dead or Alive 6 currently resides at 20, this includes the already confirmed DLC characters, Nyotengu and Phase 4. It’s safe to say we shouldn’t expect that many more characters to be announced before the game’s release date of February 15th, 2019.