Dead Island 2 - How to get a gun
Dead Island 2 Gun
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Dead Island 2 – How to get a gun

Sometimes melee weapons don't cut it

While melee weapons will always be a player’s bread and butter as they are slaying zombies in Dead Island 2’s Hell-A, guns are simply the better choice in some cases. However, as most players know by now, you do not start out Dead Island 2 with a gun. Instead, you will continue to acquire melee weapon after melee weapon for the first few hours of the game.

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Luckily for any gun fanatics out there, you do eventually gain access to a fleet of guns to use. Although, that point in the game is somewhat far off from the start, and players might want to know exactly how long they have to wait before gaining access to one. Below, you can see exactly what you need to do to get a gun in Dead Island 2.

As a note, there will be some slight spoilers ahead for Dead Island 2’s main questline, but nothing major relating to the overall story.

Getting a gun in Dead Island 2

You will not be able to acquire a gun until you reach the main story quest “Justifiable Zombicide,” which is given to you by Sam B. This quest is triggered after you have gone into Monarch Studios to find Michael Anders, Emma Jaunt’s assistant.

After you find Michael, Sam B. will contact you saying that he has found a stash of guns in Beverly Hills and that you should come quickly. Before you can fully enter Beverly Hills, you need to head into a control room to find keys that a man named Phil has lost. Finding these keys will allow you to open the gate that leads into Beverly Hills.

Once you have met up with Sam B., he will tell you to head into a house to find the gun room. Eventually, you will be able to equip a Sporting Rifle, which is a basic semi-auto weapon. This weapon is given to you for free along with as much ammo as you will need to start out.

Dead Island 2 Gun
The first gun you will unlock in Dead Island 2. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

In my experience, it took roughly two-three hours to reach this point in Dead Island 2, so players can expect that amount of time to pass before they can equip a gun. Of course, if you’re completing side quests and exploring the map, your playtime will differ. I managed to get there at the four hour mark, but only because I spent a huge chunk of time on side content prior. For most players, you will be able to get a gun rather quickly.

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