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The new mid-set update for the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands expansion has officially been revealed. Upcomer is here to show you all the new things we got to explore during an exclusive playtest. The new TFT 7.5 update adds in two new vertical traits that are sure to spice up games. Here is a look at them both.

Darkflight: Everyone gets an item

Sacrafice a champion in the Darkflight hex to see what happens. | Provided by Riot Games.

During Dragonlands, one of the new traits, Legend, was a unique way for players to make sacrifices in the form of units on the board in order to make other units stronger. The trait was interesting, but it never really took off in the meta game. With the trait requiring three different Legend units and to get value out of them, players had to play with three units down, the pay off never really was there. But the development team is trying again in TFT 7.5 with one of the new traits — Darkflight. How this trait works is that when the trait is active, there will exist a Darkflight hex on the players board. If a player puts a Darkfight champion in that hex, at the start of the round the champion will be sacrificed and all other Darkflight champions will get bonus health to compensate. However, that’s not all.

Now every Darkflight Champion has a Zz’rot Portal. | Provided by Riot Games.

In addition to health, all the rest of the Darkflight champions will also gain an item that was attached to the sacrificed character at random. For example, if an Aphelios was sacrificed with a Warmogs, the remaining Darkflight champions on the board would gain a Warmogs for the round. This allows for players to experiment and have fun with some come cool combinations for items that are good to spread to multiple champions. The obvious one is Zz’Rot Portal which is in fact, very fun to use.

Lagoon: Dirty Bubble Challenge — how many spells can you cast?

With Lagoon keeping track of all abilities cast, players should have fun reaching for high scores to share with friends.

Lagoon is the big vertical addition in TFT 7.5 and it is a game changer. With eight new champions, this Lagoon trait is actually the largest trait in the game; but the payoff is huge. For some players, the trait may be frustrating — it can snowball very quickly.

The Lagoon trait will keep track of all the ability casts through the entire game. | Provided by Riot Games.

Lagoon champions gain a flat amount of Ability Power and Attack Speed; the amount depends on how many Lagoon champions are on the board. But the trait is far from a stat check. Its actual effect is tied to a counter that sits on the players board; this “seashell” will track the total amount of spells cast by any Lagoon champions throughout the entire game. When players hit certain intervals, the seashell will spit out loot that will help the player scale into the late game.

At the start the loot is simply just gold; however, as players cast more spells, the loot turns into item components and even consumables. In testing, it was fun to see just how many spells players can cast and it was a challenge to see what the record looks like. Can you get past 450 spells cast?

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