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Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker servers down? How to check server status and more

Dark and Darker is an upcoming first-person PvPvE game developed by a group of veteran developers under IRONMACE. The hardcore fantasy adventure allows players to explore the mythical underground with mythical treasures. Throughout these adventures, players fight monsters and discover powerful spells. There is no exact release date for the game but the developers have been carrying out several Alpha playtesting since 2022.

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The Dark and Darker playtests have seen immense success with a peak player count of over 60,000. The first Dark and Darker playtest of 2023 is still currently ongoing as IRONMACE decided to extend it to Feb. 16. This is mainly due to earlier downtime with the trading post and matchmaking. The high volume of players and the increase from each playtest often see players having difficulties accessing the game; with limited server capacity and in-game bugs which the developers are still working on.

For players who have a stable internet connection but are still unable to play Dark and Darker, Upcomer’s got you covered on the best way to check the game’s server status.

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How to check Dark and Darker servers status

With Dark and Darker only available in demo mode on Steam, there are not many places to find information on the game’s status. The best place to stay up to date with Dark and Darker’s servers status is on Twitter.  The game developers, IRONMACE  have a Twitter account which constantly updates on server status and fixes. Moreover, there is also a fan-made Twitter account for Dark and Darker which replicates server information from the IRONMACE page.

The IRONMACE Twitter is the official account and the developers inform players of when the servers are down as well as when they are back up. If you’re unable to access the game despite a good internet connection, the first thing to do is to check the developers’ update. Server downtimes are frequent because the game is in playtest mode and the developers are constantly fixing issues with hotfixes.

These hotfixes usually take an hour but can take much longer. So if you abruptly lose connection or you’re unable to access the game, IRONMACE Twitter is the best place to check Dark and Darker server status.

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