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The Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 challenges are here along with the v8.50 update. In this installment of the Battle Pass challenges, players will have a much easier time than in previous weeks. However, there is one stage challenge that might have you searching around the island for hours. In the Battle Pass portion of the challenges, there is a task that requires you to “Dance between three ice sculptures.”

Completing this challenge is only part one though, as there are two more stages that follow. The second stage that players will need to do is “Dance between three dinosaurs.”

Luckily, we know just where three dinosaurs can be found.

If you missed our recap of the first stage of this challenge, “Dance between 3 ice sculptures,” make sure you check it out. You will not have access to this stage if you don’t complete the first one.

Where are the dinosaurs?

Epic is leaving very little to the imagination in terms of where to search for this stage challenge. In the previous stage, ice sculptures can really only be found in the snow biome, narrowing down the search.

With this stage, there is again only one spot three dinosaurs could be. Located in the desert biome, dinosaurs have been roaming ever since their introduction in Season 5. For this stage, you will need to head down to the southeastern part of the biome.

Dance between three dinosaurs: Fortnite Season 8 Week 9 challenges

South of Paradise Palms is where you will find the prehistoric creatures. Keep following the road that leads out of Paradise Palms to the south and you will stumble across them within a couple of minutes.

Stand in the middle of the road and put on a little show for them. Keep dancing until your progress bar shows a completion, and then stage three will unlock. We already have a guide up for stage three — dancing between four hot springs — too.

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