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Welcome back to Daily Esports’ Daily News Recap! In today’s headlines, we discuss FaZe Clan co-owner Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat being kicked out of the FaZe house after his public mental breakdown. He posted his rant video online and was quickly deleted once it went viral. FaZe Clan owner Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston defended the organization against harsh criticism on Twitter.

Next, Riot Games is giving away its newest League of Legends Volibear skin to players who have purchased the champion in the past. The thousand-pierced bear skin, normally 975 Riot Points, is free until June 10. Players who haven’t purchased Volibear yet have a chance to buy the champion and receive the gift before the in-store event ends.

The latest League of Legends patch 10.11 brings an oft-requested update to ADC champions, with many receiving bonus health to increase survivability. Some attack items are also receiving changes and buffs, which will help ADC’s in kiting and surviving against tough match-ups.

Finally, Evil Geniuses has acquired Huni as their newest top laner. This makes him the fourth import player in both their League of Legends Championship Series team and Academy team. It is unclear whether Evil Geniuses kept the same terms as his previous $2.3 million 2-year contract with Dignitas.

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