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Ex-professional Overwatch League player Daniel “dafran” Francesca has landed himself a Twitch ban. This weekend, the well-known streamer received a life-time SolaryTV Valorant ban. Dafran had a massive fit amid an unfortunate lack of communication between dafran’s team, Prodigy, and the tournament organizers. During his outburst, he verbally attacked his opponents and SolaryTV. As a result, the organizer found it necessary to ban the player from all future events. However, Dafran’s outrageous behavior didn’t stop after the SolaryTV ban.

Dafran’s behavior earns him a ban

Later, the streamer matched in-game with Evan “DRG” Depauw, a 16-year old Solary Valorant player. During the game, dafran started griefing his teammate by purposely throwing the game. Eventually, he started playing properly and urged his chat to stop harassing DRG.

Just a day later, dafran once again began bashing Prodigy’s owner and SolaryTV. In clips now deleted because of the ban, Dafran cut deep, saying the owner has “no backbone” and slamming SolaryTV’s credibility. He goes as far as to say SolaryTV is the worst organization he’s ever seen with “the worst tournaments.”

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Although he acknowledged his remarks could potentially earn him a Twitch ban, he continued nonetheless. He expressed no regret in his statements and said he “quadruple downs”  and “stands by everything” he said.

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The streamer subsequently revealed on Twitter that his Twitch account received a ban for seven days. Replies to his tweet show fans questioning the reason behind his ban. At the moment, whether his ban is due more to his throwing games (which other content creators have been banned for) or his toxic commentary is unclear. However, it’s safe to assume his actions had to do with his situation.

In response to his ban, the ex-Overwatch pro shared his punishment was worth it. If history repeats itself, dafran will more than likely continue his toxic behavior when he returns. However, his actions could earn him a bad reputation and damage his Valorant career in the future.

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