Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. will smash you at soccer and VALORANT
Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is a competitive PC gamer, it turns out
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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. will smash you at soccer and VALORANT

A superstar in the making, but on the field or online?
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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., despite being 11 years old, can probably beat you in a game of soccer. After all, he is the son of one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. But the young son of a sports superstar is into various competitive gaming titles as well, such as VALORANT, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League, if his computer screen is to be believed.

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Reckon you can beat him and deal with the subsequent revenge?

The new Netflix documentary “I am Georgina” provides a glimpse into the Manchester United superstar’s life as it focuses on CR7’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. In it, according to ESPN FC, a brief shot of his son’s computer was shown, which revealed that besides being a fan of his own father, the footballer’s son is also into competitive PC gaming.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. plays VALORANT, Rocket League, CS:GO, Fortnite and more

Incidentally, VALORANT recently came to the forefront via Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram, which boasts 161 million followers. Now, the son of perhaps the most famous soccer player (if not athlete) in the world also puts the Riot Games first-person shooter in the spotlight, as well as Fortnite, Rocket League, CS:GO, Roblox, Among Us and more. The classics for a kid his age, one might say.

Going by the talent and the work ethic that runs in his genes, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. could probably thrash you on the field as well as on Bind or the Rocket League pitch. And even if you do beat him, there’s his dad to worry about. Cristiano Ronaldo himself is well-known for how hard he works to be better than anyone at anything. After all, according to former teammate Patrice Evra, Jr.’s father bought himself a table tennis and started practicing at home, just so he could take revenge on his teammate after losing a game in front of everybody. Two weeks later, CR7 did just that.

Facing a player like that, it wouldn’t be surprising to get triple-flip reset on within weeks of beating him in the bronze ranks of Rocket League.

The elite mentality necessary to reach the top is ingrained in the superstar, so if his son shares that mindset, VALORANT players or any of the other games will have their hands full when facing the youngster’s work ethic. But that’s all speculation, of course. For all we know, he could be a Dominus main or a Jett instalock.

Now we’ll just have to wait for Messi’s children to start gaming, and the rabid fans can compare those two as well. A Ronaldo Jr. vs. Thiago Messi 1v1 in Rocket League? Sign me up.

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