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Earlier today, the Rift Beacon activated in Mega Mall, which means the time travel event is happening soon. No one knows for sure what time period Mega Mall will change to, but we do know it will alter the location drastically. Traveling back in time seems like the most logical option, as Mega Mall is already futuristic. With this transformation, it will be the second POI to go through a makeover in Fortnite Season X, the first being Tilted Town. Though, Tilted Town has seen plenty of divide since its introduction. Yet with the Mega Mall event imminent, could we see the return of Neo Tilted?

Neo Tilted making its return?

It appears that a new location will appear every week or so in Fortnite Season X. Tilted Town shook up the game with its no breaking, no building rule just a week or so ago. However, we still don’t know if every new POI will come with this rule.

Although, it would make sense for Epic Games to implement the rule for all new locations. Since each POI is time traveling, messing with even the tiniest thing could affect the future.

Could Neo Tilted return once the Fortnite Mega Mall event activates? Tilted Town

So, assuming each POI will follow the no breaking or building rule, could we have a Fortnite map with several non-buildable locations? Most likely not. Building is a key aspect of Fortnite and having multiple spots on the map without it would break the game more so than it already is broken.

With this in mind, it seems reasonable that Epic could introduce a new POI every week, then replace it with another the next week. Each new POI would come with the no breaking, no building rule but replace the old location with that rule.

This means that, hypothetically, once a time-traveled version of Retail Row replaces Mega Mall, Tilted Town could revert back to Neo Tilted.

We don’t have any concrete evidence of this intention, however. It simply seems like a logical thing to do on Epic Games’ part. The Mega Mall event should take place within the next day or two, so we will have to wait until then to find out.

What do you think of Neo Tilted potentially returning? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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