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Before the weekend kicked off, numerous leaks surfaced from the Apex Legends datamining community. Apparently, a lot of content was added to Apex Legends‘ PC files earlier this week. As usual, the leakers dug into the files and discovered what this content contains. While there were many leaks of interest, one that has everyone talking is the possibility of a grenade launcher. With this leak, there’s also some background information that supports this possibility. Could we see something like this in Season 5? Or are we getting a look into what Season 6 may offer?

Grenade launcher in Apex Legends?

If you paid close attention to the “Attention to Detail” trailer for the Wingman, then you may have noticed the Grenade Launcher. However, it only appears for a brief instant, so we can’t be completely sure that it was a new weapon.

Although, if it is the grenade launcher, it very likely originated from the Titanfall series. The developers have thrown in multiple weapons from Titanfall‘s universe into Apex Legends.

According to leakers and Titanfall fans, the grenade launcher seen in the trailer is the EPG-1. Dataminer @Shrugtal happened to notice this and also gave us an insight that backs up the existence of the launcher.

The Explosive Ammo icon has been in the Apex Legends files for months. However, we didn’t quite know when, if ever, it would be utilized in-game. With the new discovery of the EPG-1, now believed to be called the EPG-2, the pieces are starting to fall into place.

While this is nothing more than a leak and some guesswork, the evidence is present. Season 5 is the first season of Apex Legends to not launch with a new weapon. Could the EPG-2 simply come at a later date?

What do you think? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

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