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Complexity Gaming is collaborating with Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar on a new merchandise line featuring hoodies, t-shirts, hats and more.

TimTheTatman signed with Complexity on Sept. 20 as both a content creator and part-owner of the organization. When he was first signed, the team made custom jerseys with TimTheTatman’s logo on the chest for his massive fan base.

On stream, after his announcement, TimTheTatman revealed that the organization had multiple upcoming projects to make the Tatman Army feel at home. One of those projects was an in-person “meet and greet” with TimTheTatman during one of the home games for the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles. This pop-up meet was the first introduction of the Complexity x TimTheTatman merchandise line and it drew in over one thousand fans to Complexity’s headquarters.

How to purchase the collection

The Complexity x TimTheTatman merchandise line will be available to purchase for a limited time on Complexity’s website. The merchandise capsule will consist of designs inspired by TimTheTatman’s traditional triple ‘T’ logo, alongside aspects from both Complexity and their sister team the Dallas Cowboys.

Four t-shirt designs, three hoodies, two shorts, three hats and a sticker pack will complete the collaboration between the organization and TimTheTatman. 

TimTheTatman x Dallas Cowboys/Complexity merchandise line
TimTheTatman x Dallas Cowboys/Complexity merchandise line. | Provided by Complexity

This is one of the most notable collaborations between an organization and a personality brand as big as TimTheTatman. Organizations like FaZe Clan have produced similar collaborations with their content creators, but nothing has garnered the level of attention that Complexity and TimTheTatman have with their custom jerseys, a “meet and greet” pop-up and the overarching merchandise line.

Furthermore, Dallas Cowboy football events are coming up in the future and TimTheTatman’s brand continues to grow daily.