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Stony Silence is absolutely one of the most powerful hate cards in Modern. It’s a silver bullet that shuts down so many artifact-dependent decks, from Whir Prison to Tron. The mana enchantment is incredibly powerful, but it’s only accessible to White. Thanks to Modern Horizons, however, we now have a version just for Green. Enter Collector Ouphe!

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons - Collector Ouphe

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Collector Ouphe breakdown

Collector Ouphe is a 2/2 for 2 mana in Green. Its text box is entirely the same as Stony Silence’s, making it function the same exact way. Collector Ouphe is also, well, an Ouphe, a creature type we haven’t seen in a very long time. In fact, there are only 11 total Ouphes in the entire game. The most famous of these would probably be Kitchen Finks, as it is the most playable.

It’s important to note, though, that as good as Collector Ouphe seems, it does have some drawbacks. Being a 2/2 creature means it dies to all sorts of removal that decks normally play. Path to Exile, Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt, and more are all strong answers that take it out. Any general creature wrath will also remove it. It is worth noting that it makes your opponent’s Nature’s Claim useless if they were expecting a Stony Silence in game 2.


As for where Collector Ouphe fits in Modern, it will definitely find some homes for itself. Any deck that can tutor for creatures, like Vannifar Pod or Vizier/Druid Combo, can easily slot it in the side or mainboard. Collected Company decks, like Bant Spirits, will probably pick this over Stony Silence since it will be much easier to find. They even have Selfless Spirit to protect it from removal if need be. Amulet Titan and Scapeshift can also tutor this card up with Summoner’s Pact. Plus, any Green deck that does not have access to White may consider this as an option to hate on artifact decks from the sideboard. Overall, Collector Ouphe is a strong silver bullet card that will definitely see some play in Modern.

As for Legacy and Vintage, Collector Ouphe is a fine sideboard choice for Green decks. In Vintage, it shuts down all the Moxes and fast artifact mana, giving more “fair” decks a shot at keeping up. As for Legacy, it’s a fine choice for a deck like Maverick where it can be easily tutored up with Green Sun’s Zenith. White is less common in Legacy, so giving this card to decks already splashing Green helps them immensely.

Stay tuned!

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For now, what do you think of Collector Ouphe? What deck do you plan on trying it in? Let us know down in the comments below.