COD leaker claims that Modern Warfare II's DMZ mode is not free-to-play
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II DMZ
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COD leaker claims that Modern Warfare II’s DMZ mode is not free-to-play

Conflicting reports emerge over the DMZ mode

Two weeks ago, we received an insider report that claimed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s rumored “DMZ” mode would be a free-to-play title releasing in early 2023. This was the first time that an industry insider reported on the timetable for the mode along with it being a F2P game. There were no reports to coincide with this leak, so many fans took the initial information with a grain of salt. That appears to have been best, as a conflicting report has arisen from another insider. The new report states that the DMZ mode in Modern Warfare II won’t be free-to-play.

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The DMZ mode in MWII is reported to feature similar gameplay as Escape from Tarkov. In that game, players drop onto a map and need to extract themselves while also killing enemies and collecting valuable loot they can bring back with them. The gameplay reports aren’t plentiful when it comes to the DMZ mode, though, so players should temper their expectations on this front for now. They should also be wary of another early leak regarding the mode, as two insiders have now conflicted one another.

Insider Tom Henderson refuted the claim that DMZ will be F2P. Instead, Henderson reported that the mode will simply be added to the base Modern Warfare II game sometime in 2023. The report from two weeks ago made it sound like DMZ would be a separate release, like Warzone was in early 2020.

Henderson goes on to say that DMZ could become its own free-to-play mode in the future but right now the plan is for it to another mode in MWII. The insider referred to a report from Bloomberg in January of 2022, which stated Activision was contractually committed to release any project between now and 2024 exclusively for Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0. This essentially means no new game or experience will release separately until 2024.

However, there’s also the rumored “Project Nexus” that’s in the works at Activision. There’s no indication as to what this could be, but fans have theorized it could be a new Zombies mode. Zombies will not be included with the launch of MWII. Henderson clarified to say that Project Nexus is not the new DMZ mode and that they didn’t have any further information on it at this time.

Activision should start to release new information on the DMZ mode as we get closer to the launch of Modern Warfare II on Oct. 28.

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