CLG Red are fighting to the top of 2022 NA VCT Game Changers
CLG Red continue their lower bracket run to face Dignitas in the finals
CLG Red continue their lower bracket run to face Dignitas in the finals | Provided by CLG

CLG Red are fighting to the top of 2022 NA VCT Game Changers

Up next are Dignitas

CLG Red are one of the many VCT Game Changers teams that made changes to their roster for the 2022 season. This squad recently got a new addition, former Moon Raccoons Black/Shopify Rebellion player Han “it not han” Nguyen. Han made her debut with CLG during the qualifiers for Game Changers, and after making it into the main event by defeating XSET Female in the lower bracket, it seems like she’s a good fit.

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“I joined CLG because I really like everyone here,” Han said in a press conference. “I really love my teammates, and I love my coach.”

According to Han, adapting to the new team was easy because she could play whatever role they needed. Combined with the fact that she gets along well with everyone, both factors were apparently part of the formula CLG Red needed for Game Changers success in 2022.

A new member wasn’t the only change CLG had to contend with going into this tournament. The team also saw role swaps because of the new meta and the departure of former captain Benita “bENITA” Novshadian. But thanks to the coaching of Josh “shinobi” Abastado, the team said they felt confident in these changes.

“With our coach joining CLG, he’s been helping me a lot,” April “bungee” Haight said. “I’ve been changing agent roles, and I think I’ve improved as a player. I’ve been impressed with how I’ve improved.”

Shinobi has also been helping CLG Red out with their communication, which has been a weak point for the team according to their new in-game leader, Melanie “rise” Tetreault.

“Communication was one of our issues to start with and we didn’t really have a coach that was really able to help us,” rise said. “But Josh really helped us, he taught us a lot of fundamentals about communication and in-game stuff.”

The coach’s past experience as an IGL has also been helpful both to rise and the rest of the team at large.

“I think him being a former player and a former IGL, he has a lot of insights on how rounds should and are supposed to play out,” Han said. “And with that insight, he kind of gives us what we need, kind of gives us tips and tricks to play out around how it should be played.”

Having the extra support of shinobi and Han has helped rise with her own transition into a leadership role within the team. But the team has also had to contend with how the meta has shifted thanks to VALORANT’s latest update. According to rise, their playstyle hasn’t shifted too much, but they are trying to adjust.

“We’re just trying to adapt to the meta and play our game,” she said. “We don’t really change the way we play just because of the meta, but, we’re just trying to adapt as best as we can.”

Though it hasn’t been the cleanest run, CLG’s time in the 2022 NA VCT Game Changers main event has proven they are more than capable of adapting to survive. Though they were knocked into the lower bracket by reigning champions Cloud9 White, they have fought their way through Dart Monkeys and Gen.G Black to take their spot in the lower bracket finals against Dignitas. Whoever wins this will advance to the main event Grand Finals to face off against the victor of the match between Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion.